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    Msiba, My Love

    Lily Strand Publishing in Suriname launched a unique coffee table book " Msiba-My Love" on December 9th at 7.00 pm at the Tower Auditorium in downtown Paramaribo. ‘

    "Msiba, My Love" is the winner of the 2011 National Tagore Award for poetry.  The book has a stunning collection of photographic images of Suriname together with the texts of three poems.

    "Msiba, My Love" is not only a unique collection of poems but also a deeply moving plea for respect for mother earth, Suriname and its people. 

    Msiba however is more than the poem.  It is an artistic effort to use both the force of the poem and the powerful impact of photographic images to create a multimedia presentation.

    “Forest Tears”, the second poem, poses the questions that we all need ask about our relationship with the planet today.  The collection ends with the exquisitely beautiful “I Love You” which celebrates simultaneously the love of a woman and the country she comes from.  The stunningly beautiful images of Suriname and the poem evoke the joy of fresh new love.


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